Cascade Plus

Anti-vandal foam chairs

Cascade Plus

Low back chair

Low back chair (CASL)

935H x 600W x 855D

+ -
Low back calm chair

Low back calm chair (CASLC)

935H x 600W x 1067D

+ -
High back chair

High back chair (CASH)

1200H x 600W x 855D

+ -
High back calm chair

High back calm chair (CASHC)

1200H x 600W x 1067D

+ -
High back calm bench

High back calm bench (CAS3H)

1200H x 1850W x 1095

+ -
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Dimensions are H, W, D (and Seat Height if applicable)

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Key Features

• Lightweight and soft for maximum safety
• Wedge at front of Calm chair to aid de-escalation
• Water-resistant, anti-vandal, wipe clean material offering excellent hygiene properties
• Combustion Modified High Resilience (CMHR) foam construction is safe for both users and staff
• Fully welded seams (no stitching or zips) for water resistance, hygiene and anti-tamper benefits


  • Available in Blue, Green, Violet and Orange