Soft and Secure furniture.

Our time invested with mental health customers means we understand how seating must be safe, soft, anti-vandal and difficult to weaponise. To increase confidence and comfort of individuals. We also frequently recommend single seating options in areas with high incidents of conflict. Lightweight options enable users to move easily to quiet areas or to watch TV and gives them a sense of ownership over a single seat while staying in unfamiliar territory. Staff and clinical teams ask for the material to be waterproof and easily cleaned for hygiene reasons and to keep the upholstery looking newer for longer. With this in mind, we highlight how seating should be upholstered in an anti-vandal fabric, with any zips removed and oversewn for safety and peace of mind.

To meet these varied needs, we have put together a Soft and Secure brochure that includes furniture for the most challenging environments and psychiatric units.

The range includes the Cascade which is a foam construction with a waterproof vinyl fabric cover and the zip removed and oversewn for safety. The Cascade is available as a low back chair and a low back calm chair – ideal for aiding de-escalation. For extra-challenging environments, our Cascade Plus additionally features an anti-vandal cover and is available in 4 different designs including a high back calm bench.

One of the firm favourites of the range is the Boden Bean Bags. These are perfect for sitting and lying on and can be easily moved around – making seating options more adaptable. The bean bags are available in 3 shapes; standard bean bags, extra-large circle and chair. All are available in hundreds of upholstered colours with zips removed and oversewn for safety.

If you are looking for new seating in a challenging environment download a copy of our Soft and Secure brochure here. If you have any questions about any of the products featured please contact our helpful sales team or book a showroom visit. 


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Soft and secure furniture