Eddie Hall joins Pineapple Contracts on World Mental Health Day.

This World Mental Health Day, 10th October, we join forces with World's Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, to kick off our 'You Want Strong' campaign. The You Want Strong campaign recognises the needs of challenging environments around the world, whether it's in mental health, prisons and custodial or education facilities.

Faced with unpredictable behaviours and vulnerable individuals, challenging environments require specialist contract furniture. At the heart of our mission at Pineapple Contracts is a desire to enhance these environments with style and quality, with a relentless commitment to safety and durability.

You Want Strong challenges the perception that strong and safe means dull or institutionalised. By using innovative designs, constructed using highly engineered processes beneath the outer appearance, Pineapple can offer world leading strength in therapeutic shapes and rehabilitative functions.

Our internationally recognised award-winning Ryno range is an excellent example of You Want Strong in practice. Using world class colour consultants, Seymourpowell, a wide ranging colour palette has been developed to respond to the customer desire to create varying environments for users. From calming tones, through neutrals to bright vibrant shades, the colours bring life to challenging spaces. The Ryno range offers weighting up to 90kg, floor fixing and linking options to offer our customers a selection of alternative ways to create a safer and more secure environment. The single rotationally moulded finish in flowing, organic curves transforms the institutionalised look into a modern, contemporary and inviting room.

Eddie Hall joins us here at Pineapple as an ambassador for strength. His lifetime commitment to achieving his personal goal of becoming World's Strongest Man has not been without it's difficulties. Having himself faced mental health challenges, Eddie supports the ethics of user-centric design at Pineapple. Users of challenging environments are still people, a father, a sister, someone's child, an individual. As Eddie has dedicated his life to building himself and facing his challenges, we are dedicated to supporting those staff around the world who help users in challenging environments do the same.

Having the right choice of furniture in a space can transform the dynamic completely. But it's more than just the aesthetics, the designs can prevent unwanted behaviours, protect staff and users and secure a better future for everyone in these facilities.

World class strength, world class design. You Want Strong? You Want Pineapple.


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You Want Strong - Eddie Hall Joins Pineapple